Designed for micro and small businesses

An automated cloud based software that will help you increase sales, and save you time by letting you concentrate on what you do best
manage and grow your business


Created by the owner of a real business to empower the success of other business owners6


A complete suite of management and sales modules for SME’s


Fully adaptable to your needs,
role-based management solution that micromanages silently behind the scenes

Manage your business on the cloud
from anywhere at any time.

Osmos’s state of the art cloud based CRM and business management software, gives you maximum control and reliability 4


Get rid of your manual processes. Stop using outdated managing methods like paper, spreadsheets, and standalone software.


Manage your business globaly: all you need is an internet connection and your business is at your fingertips.


Fully synchronized to empower employee engagement. The software that propels productivity by providing the tools for genuine teamwork.

Business Transformation: Osmos in Action

We exemplified with a cartoon how Joe business was transformed by Osmos. Previous time consuming manual management is replaced seamlessly by the power of Osmos Cloud. All this for the price of a cup of coffee a day.

The HYBRID CRM and business management software for all micro and small businesses.

Fully automate your end-to-end business processes

home_0003s_0003_graphic1.png With just a single click, Osmos HYBRID CRM enables you to:

  • register clients and leads
  • send quotes and create invoices
  • keep on top of accounts
  • manage inventory and deliver orders
  • record expenses
  • create purchase orders
  • review business reports
  • assign business roles and functions

Customer & Lead Manager

Register and store client and/or lead contact information on an individual basis and follow-up with Osmos CRM. Osmos uses this information automatically in a wide range of business processes.
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Create Quotations and Estimates Easily

Easily create, send, and store quotes and estimates for every one of your clients. Create a list of products and/or services, and select with a single click. Automatically add taxes, delivery costs, and other fees (or not, the choice is yours). You can also attach documents, pre-defined clauses, and add individual notes. Then click to email. Reduce the time it takes to provide a detailed and personalized quote to less than a minute.
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Seamless Contracts and Invoices

Closing a sale by creating contracts and/or invoices is simple. Select the corresponding quote or estimate, capture the payment details, and voila! Then click to send to your client. Job done in a few seconds.

Getting Paid Made Easy

No more manual tracking and difficult follow up calls. Identify and register key information such as date, method of payment, amount, account deposited, and reference. Past due payments are automatically followed up, and notifications sent to the client. Easily track invoices and payments received. Our ready-to-use Stripe API enables easy payment by clients – a valuable addition to payment capabilities.
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Automate Your Order Processes

Customize Osmos to automatically trigger internal processes when a sale is confirmed. Fulfil orders by reviewing stock, capturing inventory, assigning resources, and delivering goods or services to your client.
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Track business expenses by user or department. Requisitions can be used for requesting inventory or to justify office expenses. Identify the most common requests and how often these expenses occur. Requisitions are followed by Purchase Orders.
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Purchase Orders

Use electronic documents that notify suppliers and internal users that a PO has been authorized. Suppliers receive a fully descriptive document – simply select the supplier, payment terms, and quantity. Easily negotiate pricing by reference to readily available history of previous purchases.
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Account Payable

Keep track of payments made internally and to suppliers. Identify and register key information such as date, method of payment, amount, account deposited, and reference. Send payment receipts to your supplier’s email. Never miss a payment again!
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Perfect Stock/Inventory Control

Osmos captures and registers goods received and delivered. Stock is better managed to fulfill open and purchase orders. More efficient inventory management equals happier customers, greater efficiency, and reduced costs.
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Client Relationship CRM

Manage your client relationships at a glance. Easily identify your client’s contact information, payments, past orders and more. Create and apply electronic assessments, send emails and everythin in between. Create tasks and identify lead opportunities.

BI Reports and Accounting

Real time business information interacts seamlessly with your financial accounts. Assess your business status in the way you want to: tables, charts, and graphs are available in 20 pre-designed formats. Everything you need to immediately assess your business finances, ROI, marketing, and up-to-the minute accounts.

Your HYBRID CRM and business management software on the Cloud

Fully customizable. Benefit from the full suite of Osmos management software on the cloud, or simply use the modules that will most benefit your business. Intuitive and easy to use – no harder than browsing on the Internet – Osmos will grow with your business, increasing its benefit as your business complexity increases.

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