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Home Automation and domotics

With Osmos businesses see an increase in quotes sent and revenue in the first 30 days. Say goodbye to spreadsheets and accounting software and start sending professional quotes with Osmos and send them 10X times faster. Create more quotes, close more deals and streamline your sales process, from prospecting to receiving payments.

Automated quote follow-up

Real-time inventory managment

One click quote-to-invoice

Send quotes from anywhere 24 X 7

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Home Automation Businesses

Live example - eQuote Home Automation

--PROMOTION-- FREE one quote template design and email signature por home automation businesses that subscribe to a paying plan*.

Instructions: This is an example of a quote form used by home automation and domotics businesses. You can test it by seleccting some items and requesting the quote. You will automatically receive a quote and a self-generated PDF presentation.

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